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Making cycling slightly less boring

A terminal user interface for a cycling cadence meter

Song & Spell

Play audio tracks based on words typed on a headless keyboard via bluetooth

okcli: a SQL command line interface

A new terminal client for interacting with Oracle

Adding icons to i3 workspace names

Show font-awesome icons in the i3-bar for apps running in i3 workspaces.

How I use Vim

This is my .vimrc file: there are many like it, but this one is mine

Muting the news

Scheduling times to mute the music-stream on Android

2016 in Books (part 2)

Some other books I've read in the second half of 2016

2016 in Books (part 1)

Some books I've read in the first half of 2016

A sunrise-alarm-clock-web-service using a Raspberry-Pi

Adventures in soldering

A JVM client for IPFS

IPFS from the JVM

Remote file-system browser web-app

Building a file-browser web-app using React & Bootstrap

RSS Repo: Yet another RSS aggregator

Announcing RSS Repo

Porting the NaCl cryptography library

Pure Java Tweet-NaCl

Profiling the Raspberry PI network I/O rate on the JVM

Raspberry PI network I/O benchmark