A JVM client for IPFS


The inter-planetary file-system (IPFS) is a super exciting open-source project that, among other things, fixes several problems with current data storage protocols combining ideas used in version control systems, and decentralised peer-to-peer protocols like bit-torrent. The primary IPFS implementation efforts are (so far) in Go and JavaScript and the rapid development pace aside, the IPFS HTTP client API is stable enough to be used by projects like Peergos.

However, using IPFS from the JVM would be immensely easier with a JVM client that wraps the IPFS REST API...


And lo, there is now an IPFS client for the JVM.

Although the client's written in Scala, it's written with Java projects in mind requiring a single jar in your Java project class-path (made possible with the sbt-assembly plugin).

Writing this client has certainly improved my understanding of the project, and using IPFS as a storage engine for Peergos is now a giant step closer.

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